From ZX82 to the Hobbit

Buran Suprematism, a Kosmograd post that either reveals the ease with which the hard-won aesthetic discoveries of the early twentieth century come to our tech-filled lives, or the prescience with which these visual pioneers were able to foresee an unimaginable digital future / Animated Engines (via Autoblog) / The Architecture Observer is a new online publication that boldly eschews a scattering of shiny images in favour of large chunks of text offering insight into issues like architecture festivals / the Devil amongst the Tailors, Aberrant Architecture’s 21st century recreation of the classic pub game / 101 Spectacular non-fiction stories.


Leadholder, the drafting pencil museum. Related, The Genius Pencil, a Salon piece about the Blackwing, cult pencil par excellence: No Ordinary Pencil: A Portrait of the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 / Quigley’s Cabinet, a weblog with a focus on ‘death and the anatomical body’ / Future Headlines works well as an archive page / B-U-I-L-D, an image curation tumblr.


ZX Spectrum’s chief designers reunited 30 years on. Releated, Buzzsaw+, a brand new Spectrum game published by Cronosoft / related, a huge collection of Spectrum clones from around the world, some of which, like the Soviet Hobbit, were wholly unofficial.

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