From up high

Shedley Manor, part of the grand rural tradition of hiding buildings. See also Robert Fidler’s Castle. It never ends well / paintings by Nicolás Uribe (instagram) / True Blue, a return to natural indigo / 3D map of Manhattan on a rug / my best summer photograph / John Procter makes and mends guitars / pedals from Electronic Audio Experiments / the work of sci-fi, comic and conceptual artist Willam Stout / The Fading Battlefields of World War I, another typically impressive Atlantic photo essay / The Beverley David Thorne Residence, California, 1964 / great photographs of Futuroscope in France, by Aurélien Aumond / Route 66, then and now / breaking down the individual tracks of Thriller / Tank, a short film in the vector graphic style, with painstaking behind-the-scenes / photography by Chris Dorley Brown / Elevation, a film about drones and cities, from Dezeen.

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