From the sublime to the ridiculous to the sociopathically awful

A totally mixed bag today. What’s the logic of inverting the controls? / ‘Ping the Herb Guy’ Is London Chefs’ Go-To Dealer / music by Kainos / adorable mini camper vans / adorable miniature pop-up books / illustration by Becca Muir / paintings by Susan Ashworth / movie reviews at My Geek Blasphemy / inside the world of extreme metal logos / A very unusual car auction, field of dreams or field of nightmares? Here are the listings / the tainted legacy of Paolo Soleri / how did we miss that Pablo Escobar’s brother tried to launch a folding gold smartphone. Surprisingly reasonable at $399, although perhaps the taint of the blood of thousands is an unwelcome hidden cost. We can’t help but feel very trolled by that website; the founder’s biog reads, ‘Co-Founder, Former accountant and chief of assassinations of the Medellín Cartel.’ Beyond awful.

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