From stinks to secrets and giant trees

The BBC on the theme park economics behind Nantes’ epic Machines de L’Ile workshops, currently hard at work on a massive Carousel, as well as the Heron Tree, ‘A monumental structure in the heart of the city, this steel tree 45 m in diameter and 28 m high will be topped by two herons. Visitors will be able to take a circular flight under the heron’s wings and walk from branch to branch in the amazing hanging gardens’


Links. A real find: Goth Night in Batley, West Yorkshire, 1984 (via Youth Culture History, a tumblr). Quite possibly one of the inspirations for Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s seminal ‘The Club‘ / Machizukuri, a tumblr about architecture / MIDItrail provides 3D visualization of MIDI datasets. Video / heylookmumnohands, a tumblr / we live off your visits, or grow from your links, or whatever, but the Guardian’s carefully plotted one-man crazy wall, an interactive map of Anders Breivik’s manifesto is suitably tangled mess / 10 years of / giant Star Wars music box / The Front Section, a new aggregator / Les grandperes ont toujours tort, an art blog / more painting and practice at Rosanna Jeffery’s Art / jewelery design by Atelier Ted Noten / vote for the PPA Cover of the Year.


The Great London Stink of 1858, one of the catalysts for the creation of London’s sewer system and the beginning of the end for professions like toshers, mudlarks, flushermen and night soil men (more at the Jack the Ripper forums, which is a source of esoterica, to say the least).


The secret town of Oak Ridge (via MeFi and the flickr blog): ‘In 1942, as part of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. government acquired nearly 70,000 acres of land in Eastern Tennessee and established a secret town called Oak Ridge. At its height in 1945, over 75,000 people lived and worked in Oak Ridge with a primary focus on nuclear materials research and production.’

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