From Russia with love

Rodcorp is embarking on a re-reading of the Ian Fleming James Bond books: Bond 1: Not Stirred, with ultra-pithy plot summaries (‘Doctor No (1958) is the one with guano, claw hands, Honey Rider and Jamaica.’) and an acute eye for the archaic:

‘And despite Fleming’s obvious love of travel – you could easily imagine Bond as a columnist for Monocle, sampling the best Scandinavian cocktails and Austro-Haitian hollow-point ammunition – the books are fundamentally socio-politically isolationist and fearful.

Bond 2: Zeiss is coincidence looks at Fleming’s obsession with the ‘eyes and looking’ / sort of related, but not really: a fine collection of Russian Art and Books. The above is a detail from the book ‘Manners of Rasteriaeva Street‘, 1964.

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