From poster power to concrete’s unshakable image problem

A fascination with mechanical failure and human error. Auto accidents from the collection of the Boston Public Library (via MeFi). See also Fuck Yeah, Wrecks and the photographs of Arnold Odermatt (oft-cited by us, but still some of the most compelling images of the inherent dangers within modernity). The BPL also has magnificent sets of Travel Posters, Produce Crate Labels, magic posters and photographs of Boston’s Sewers by engineer Edgar Sutton Dorr.


Concrete’s divisive power is remarkable. Few materials have become shortcuts not just for a whole genre but for a whole spectrum of design, a link that binds concrete inextricably to the personal and political failings of a small minority. That said, Metafilter doesn’t do Brutalism well at all, but the links that follow this short link to ten concrete London landmarks are worth pursuing, including this homage to the Tricorn (still a car park, we’d like to point out) / related, Brutalism and Booze, a great weblog unearthing forgotten architectural gems (and missteps) around London / also related, Invisible Paris has a post on the work of French architect Guillaume Gillet, best known for his epic but crumbling l’Eglise de Notre-Dame de Royan.

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  1. James says:

    Re: concrete’s image problem; these innovative designers in Northern Ireland are busy making concrete soft with velvet and linen:

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