From megastructures to ministructures

The Indoor University; Canadian Welfare And Modern Architecture / Dusky Parakeet, a houseboat by 31/44 Architects at the Never too Small channel / an interactive diagram of car size evolution / architectural photographs by Simone Hutsch / Toyota, a photographic portfolio by Christoffer Rudquist / paintings by Kim Cogan / paintings by Jason Line, including scenic art for film / art collected and curated by Terminus Ante Quem / the story of the Mojave Phone Booth, miles from anywhere / new sounds, slow old music down to 33rpm. Two favourites: ZZ Top’s La Grange; Dolly Parton’s Jolene. A feature that is regularly trotted out: Vice (2017), Reddit (2015), Indie88 (2014), MTV (2013) / a contrarian opinion: Flash Is Responsible for the Internet’s Most Creative Era / Silver Shoals: Five Fish That Made Britain by Charles Rangeley Wilson looks intriguing.

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