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Tech things. Smartphones versus DSLRs versus film: A look at how far we’ve come. Can a modern cameraphone outperform a DSLR? Even a very old DSLR? / Google’s Project Tango, a sensor-stuffed phone that makes ‘over a quarter million 3D measurements every second, updating its position and orientation in real-time, combining that data into a single 3D model of the space around you‘. Fascinating, terrifying, etc. Will have enormous implications for architecture / related, the new Google Maps Gallery / the Airlander, from Hybrid Air Vehicles, ex US military technology, part ‘persistent surveillance solution’, part future of passenger air travel, all sponsored by Bruce Dickinson. Short film at the BBC / the test track at Lingotto / why is the phrase ‘from around the web’ one of the most depressing things you can read on a website?

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  1. shohel says:

    Nice topic. Nowadays smartphone dominates the whole world of mobile communication.
    short animated video

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