Friday’s collection of random links

Superhuman, ‘an exhibition exploring human enhancement’, at the Wellcome Collection (things having previously been involved in the collection’s Phantom Museum exhibition about medical curiosities and accompanying catalogue) / Island desalination plant, built out of Lego. The Lego Freaks group pool is worth your time / yet more nautical post-rock: The End of the Ocean / the world’s deepest swimming pool. See also The Springboard in the Pond: An Intimate History of the Swimming Pool, reviewed in things 14


‘Outside noises being eliminated, the worker can concentrate with ease upon the subject at hand.’ The Isolator, designed by the great SF editor, author and publisher Hugo Gernsback (at A Great Disorder) / Summer Struggle (or: yearly decluttering and my perennial fight against nostalgia), a book by Soledad Penadés / The Memory Band, a weblog / A Portrait of the American Craftsman, via garabatos & doodles / models by Sergius Ruegenberg. See more in The Architectural Model: Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia.


A huge timeline of computer graphics history, via Kottke. Sends us on a hunt for Chris Landreth’s 1998 animation Bingo The Clown and this compilation of all the CGI bits from The Last Starfighter / The Animalarium, a weblog about animal imagery / Work for the Eye to do, a weblog affiliated with the Coracle Press / Dreaming in Dirigibles: The Airship Postcard Albums of Lord Ventry at Recto/Verso / Shellac are 20, playing tonight in Chicago.

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