Friday thoughts

Vimeo’s Experimental, remixes and supercuts page is worth keeping an eye on / Space Dashboard: massive data dump from multiple sources and sensors on Earth and beyond / Unpleasant design and hostile urban architecture, or building benches that people don’t want to linger on / ‘It is hard to recall how insular and grim mainstream British architecture was in the 1980s‘. Owen Hatherley on the false dawn of cafe culture society. ‘What Rogers and his ilk missed was that Europe was becoming more like England, privatising and paring back its public commitments.’


Creepy gifs by Bill Domonkos / Flow of London, art in the streets / The Institute of Isolation is an art film by Lucy McRae about the challenges to human biology created by space travel / tiny house in the (American) woods / tiny house on the Essex coast / Big Black live, 1986.


Two related things: Helsinki wants to eliminate car ownership by 2025 and hyperloop considers a Helsinki-Stockholm track / also related, Calgary versus the car: the city that declared war on urban sprawl / why move to Canada? Or not / totally unrelated, the Black Forest Tragedy, a story of incompetence, Nazi propaganda, lasting grief and the importance of human kindness.

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