Friday things

Formfreu, old cars and old buildings, e.g. the Wartburg Museum and classics in snowy Berlin / We love paintings, a tumblr / Pimp that Snack, incredible scale-defying comfort foods / favourite maps from flickr, a collection by Tom Gauld (via Coudal) / Aqua Velvet, design, illustration and imagery / Francesco Franchi’s photostream / manuals, bulletins and advertisements relating to the tiny Honda 600 Coupe / the Port SM, a car and trailer conversion / Valerie Jardin’s photography weblog / are the days of the physical D&AD annual numbered? ‘On top of all that it travelled 10,000 miles (it was printed in China) to reach me. And all I do is give it a cursory glance as most of the images are too small and lack detail. Then it’s on the shelf with its old buddies. I am sure I am not alone in this casual act.’

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