Friday round up

Syracuse University Libraries is host to a number of digital collections; The Plastics Collection; Street & Smith Dime Novel Covers; Belfer Audio Archive; Marcel Breuer Digital Archive; The Gerrit Smith Broadside and Pamplet Collection; The Ronald G. Becker Collection of Charles Eisenmann Photographs. Treasure troves all.


The Gough Map of Great Britain: ‘The Gough Map’s paleographical and linguistic evidence helps to reveal its significance as a visual depiction of an English island-realm, and its reflection of changing relations between England and Scotland a century on from when it appears first to have been composed.’ / Searching through Spotify’s least loved songs / a true example of Carchitecture / Mojo Relic, a short 1970s-era film celebrating the completion of the ‘House of the Century,’ designed by Richard Jost and Ant Farm. Here’s a 1973 article by Germano Celant in Domus about Ant Farm and the house / house versus rock.


From way back: Logarithmic Maps of the Universe, rendering it as a 26mb gif / Pentagram have produced a beautiful printed version of the celebrated ‘Coyote v. Acme’ lawsuit / Cave to Canvas, an artblog / Eliza John, more art and painting / Assembly VR demos / Lego in your browser / the Null and Void / The Dye House, two creative places/space.

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