Friday round-up

Art by Bianca Wilson / Seatback Safety, a collection of airline safety cards (via Kottke) / Outdoor Recreation Catalogs & Magazines (via tmn) / Susan Kare explains Macintosh UI ergonomics on Computer Chronicles in 1984 / RIP to Virgil Abloh; as seen in Wallpaper*; as seen in Vogue. One of his last, wild, designs: Project Maybach / Sarah Lipstate covers the Twin Peaks Theme for solo guitar / more abandoned earth by photographer Romain Veillon / the automotive afterlife, or where ‘old’ models go to live out their retirement / lists lists lists (which would no doubt send some commentators into a righteous rage). Fifty gifts for architecture lovers; 200 feelgood gift ideas; Ten unbuilt statement buildings / new arts and crafts at Wandering People / moral panics and media storms collected at The Pessimists Archive / Whose land am I on? Native Land Acknowledgement / Huang Yong Ping’s aluminium sea serpent.

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