Friday link round-up

A few things. The Magazine of the Blog, as presented by Crying all the way to the Chip Shop / The Days of Yore, before they were famous / 892 Unique Ways to Partition A 3×4 Grid / the Cover Songs Archive, culled from YouTube / OVO, represents the new crop of illustrators graduating from Camberwell College of Arts. There’s also a blog. ‘With no house style or limiting theme, Ovo promises a wealth of distinctive illustration, demonstrating new talent across multiple media’. See also Camberwell Illustrator / Brainiac’s Guide to Recent American Generations.


The arrival of Mid Century Magazine in the UK (the US already has Modernism Magazine, CA Modern Magazine and Atomic Ranch (which was already a website back in the early days of things) is yet another solid indicator of the journey this kind of polite Scandinavian modernism has undergone in the past half century; from socially and politically adventurous, to utterly unwanted and back again. Now mid-century is clutched closely to the bosom of middle class taste, in the UK at least, and the tentacles of fashion are fast running out of genres to reclaim. WIth the 50s and 60s firmly placed in the realm of contemporary antiques, and the 70s heading that way fast, it looks like the 80s is the last realm of the hideous.

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