Friday link collection

A solid paragraph of things to read and explore. Have a good weekend. The Experiential Thrill of Driving in Films, Rick Poynor on the view from the windscreen and how it is perfectly shaped for the cinema screen / Even in the context of the general decline of the magazine business, Time Inc warrants special shame and humiliation / The Wooden Bombs Return, fighting deception with humour in WWII. Sort of related, Starfish City, large decoy fires set to distract German bomber pilots / The Borough Mystery: Dr William Kirwan (via MeFi Projects) / On Oranges, by Mark Lamster / a tumblr by Sophie Leeming / Vert-A-Pac: An Unusual Way to Transport Automobiles. Shaving profit margins with vertical car transportation in the 1970s / a great MeFi post on the music of The God Machine / how much does the English weather impact upon the value of your expensive new apartment? Try the Shard Rain Cam (via b3ta) / also via b3ta, You are listening to… create your own Godspeed You! Black Emperor intro with a site that combines ambient drones with realtime police radio traffic. Compelling.

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