Friday grab bag

Paul Noble’s Welcome to Nobson is a piece of grand imagination, the laborious construction of the vast imaginary townscape of Nobson, ‘a place composed of labyrinthine edifices and deserted topography embedded with modules of dense detail… These phantasmagorical landscapes allude to sources as diverse as ancient Chinese scrolls, Fabergé eggs, Henry Moore’s sculptures, and paintings by Hieronymus Bosch.’ Image above found via the grand bastard / Art against Knives / art and more at Paper Images / Sun Moon Sun, a tumblr / Capuchin catacomb. Via b3ta. Wikipedia / graphic design by Kieran McGlone / Chromeography, ‘In praise of the chrome logos and lettering affixed to vintage automobiles and electric appliances’.


Kill Screen Daily, on video games / Gaming Made Me: Frontier: Elite II, which links to Pioneer, an open source space game (which confesses a ‘sneaking resemblance’ to FEII). See also Oolite / we have a strange soft spot for Local Motors, an American boutique car maker who seem to work on the premise of designing vehicles that could have come straight out of a video game. See also the Citroen GT.


GraphicDesign&, intriguing new practice that ‘commissions new work to explore how graphic design connects with the wider world and the value that it brings.’ / Richard Beymer’s Twin Peaks Photos / Vintage and Rare, a blog about old instruments / ‘Misfires and mysteries from the contact form‘ / the Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things tries to be exactly that / Oh Comely Magazine / BrutalisT exile, brutalism and textiles together. Fabrics by Emma Shannon / Smile at your Sister / Slayer and Mogwai, together at last.

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