Four wheel drift

A couple of things via Kottke: Spinnable 3D Models of the British Library’s 16th Century Globes and Weird Stock Photos, a place where Bosch-meets-Photoshop for the first time / did you assume that the screeching tyre sound on old American car chases was over-dubbed? Well, it clearly wasn’t, as this link to a collection of 60s and 70s-era car test videos of hilarious old American boats demonstrates / thanks for the shout-out to Daniel Benneworth-Gray / music and production videos from Rachel K Collier / How to Make Friends in Your 30s, by Ian Dickens / The illusion of purpose, a photo series by Victoria J. Dean, via This Isn’t Happiness. See also at Phase Mag / take a visit to But does it float? / art by Viktor Timofeev / art by Richard Maurovic.

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