Other things. Many Europeans finally have more cars than the Americans: ‘There are 439 cars here for every thousand Americans, meaning a little more than two people for every car.’ Italy, Germany, France and Spain all have more (and Monaco has most of all, with ‘771 cars per thousand citizens.’) / X Planes runs a regular image drawn from a century of aeronautical fantasies / photographs of Taiwan by Tom Kondrat / see also it’s Not a Cabaret, a photo blog / we’ve linked Rad Library before, and although the blog has stalled, it’s worth a visit / hardcore caravans by Conqueror of Australia / if you can’t stretch to this version (let alone this one), here’s how to make an origami Millennium Falcon, Land Speeder, X-Wing and more by Mayado Titi.


A Stationery Field Guide: ‘In theory, all you need is a computer, a big hunk of glass and aluminium screaming light into your face all day long. But the dream of minimalism, of the paperless office, continues to be undone by stationery, the Apps of the twentieth century nestling into the corners of our offices. Anachronism be damned.’ See also the entire contents of the Monocle Shop or a branch of Muji first thing in the morning before the doors open and the general public gets in to muck up the pencils / A Shoreditch Snapshot, photographs by Tudor Prisacariu (via Tim George) / The Cure making the video for Just Like Heaven in October 1987 / all about the Studillac, the hybrid of ‘a hard-top Studebaker coupé fitted with a Cadillac V8 engine’

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  1. Glenn Mercer says:

    As an automotive guy, I have to lob in regarding the Atlantic article. (And I wrote the Atlantic on this as well.) The Carnegie report is Just. Plain. Wrong. It used the “European” definition of passenger vehicles, which is essentially sedans and coupes, i.e. cars. Americans drive lots of cars, true: 140,000,000. BUT we also drive all those things which the rest of the world hates us for: SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks. Because Carnegie used the European definition of passenger vehicles (which the World Bank uses as well), it assumes that anything that looks like a truck must be for commercial use… not for passenger use (primarily). If one adds back in all those SUVs, minivans, and pickups, we add 100,000,000 more vehicles and the US fleet/parc hits 240,000,000. Re-establishing America’s lead in this race (not that it is a place of honor). Please see here for evidence:

    Remember the old joke, which still holds: “Europeans own cars, Americans manage fleets.”

    • things magazine says:

      Thank you for that. Always good to get a bit of feedback and insight. Will dig deeper hopefully in the next few days.

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