Folding Stuff

Peter Thiel floats away on Deregulation Island, a libertarian oasis of geodesic domes and space frames. Rust ahoy / the Doomsday Clock keeps ticking / order a subscription box to take your mind off things / the visionary flying machines of Charles Dellschau, chronicler of the Sonora Aero Club / music writing at The Blue Moment / visual text compression via Kempressor / unfolding house / London, 1975 / related, on the wonders of wandering in London / a big collection of Micro Machines / Visothkakvei, drawing and illustration / mild backlash against ostentation of billion dollar tech offices, teaching us very little about the office of the future / related: from decks to moats: ‘the complete guide to modern office jargon’ / spot the difference, the architecture of Astana / music by Bethany Weimers / music by She Drew the Gun / Wavegrower, a tumblr of mathematical animations / Leonard Plugge, the first plugger? / Peckham pop from the Honey Hahs.

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