San Remo Brochure, 1932, by Mario Puppo, at paper graphic design from the 1920s to the 1970s / flying around the Futurist visions of Antonio Sant’Elia (via BlenderArtists) / Aortica Magazine, via Magpile / another new magazine, Special Request / Tago Mago, new sounds / Ai Weiwei first look at his new music video.


The Charnel-House is a blog by Ross Wolfe about classical avant-garde architecture and more. A typical post, ‘We must construct the Soviet dirigible fleet without delay‘, bringing together a host of visual material / Ship Sinking Simulator (via RPS) / Lesser Known Architecture, the hidden buildings of London, a new exhibition / a vast collection of British Car Brochures / a bit of brutalism at Eternal Opinion of My Spotless Mind, now defunct.

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