Floating worlds

Terra Nova, a blog about virtual worlds / Good Design / Bad Design, a well-styled imagery link blog / little people are living on your ceiling: Parallel World by Ji Lee (via SpaceInvading). We also like his 3D chess board / Vhyb la ville hybride, on architecture and urbanism site (in French), focusing mainly on buildings with an organic sensibility, aesthetically and structurally / A Penguin a week, a blog about vintage Penguin paperbacks. Links in to our own Pelican Project and reminds us that the original idea behind that was to look in more depth at every book in our collection….


Seadromes… On Islands and Megastructures makes architectural capital out of grand plans for floating airports, cities and whole communities. The Japanese Megafloat concept, referenced in the link, makes explicit but (now) rather unreassuring reference to tsunamis; the Megafloat is not designed to withstand them. These floating superstructures derive most of their power from their apparent ability to conquer nature (shades of Hans Hollein’s Aircraft Carrier City in Landscape). Theoretical architecture suddenly loses the power of shock or provocation in the face of unstoppable natural forces / Tsunami before and after.


3D trees have arrived in London. Just in time for the Royal Wedding, apparently / ZX81: Small black box of computing desire, worth it for the 400-odd comments of fond recollections / danger: void behind door, a weblog / The City on the Page, ‘a collection of notes on books, cities and places gathered together into one place’ / fine article on the work and methods of Peter Zumthor.


Rasmus Bronnum, an architecture blog / Uncertain Times, a tumblr / I Heart Gum, a weblog / suggested designs for London bicycle sheds / Generator X, ‘art from code’, a cross disciplinary look at generative culture / Design Talks, art and design website with a focus on automotive design / Stay up, girl, a tumblr / Little Pink Spoon, a tumblr.

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