Floating futures and fake books

The upcoming Modernism Week is a good illustration of the scale of this expanding industry: check the healthy sprinkling of sponsor logos, all san serif fonts and googie-esque flourishes / paintings by Laura McMorrow / very far removed from sun-kissed California, photographs of Middlesborough by Carl Mole / Rockwell Group : Lab : Blog / Piers Pierced, a tumblr / other stuff goes here, a tumblr / Trashed, a tumblr devoted to rubbish and disposal / mulberry road, a tumblr / photography by Patrick Joust / HUH. Magazine / BERG blog, by the creators of the Here and There horizonless projections of Manhattan / Slow Content, a tumblr.


Decorative book solutions‘, or books by the yard, wrapped up, deconstructed and just generally abused. This is a a surprisingly common business (via me-fi). Check the Antiqued Uncovered Book Bundles sold by Restoration Hardware, a veritable arsenal of antiquing effects and tchotkes of uncertain provenance: ‘Liberated from their covers, stitched and bound with jute twine, the foxed and faded pages of old books become objêts d’art… Rich with texture and intrigue… Each bundle is unique; let us pick one for you… Set them on a table, use them as antiquarian accents amid your library tomes, or stack them beneath a console.’


This City Called Earth, imagery tumblr / blockpaua, architectural imagery / Fantastic Journal on the interior architecture of Help!. We remember that clip from perhaps 30 years ago and haven’t seen it since. Seminal / Born in Concrete, retro-Soviet-brutalist nostalgia, via me-fi / Le Revue, a tumblr / we are enjoying Uloops, an Android music application / Lettrology, a weblog (‘these books are here for an essential structural purpose‘) / Now Serving, a tumblr.


All at sea. Floating Hotel Could Defy Rising Sea Levels / Pascal Bronner’s New Malacovia – The Portable City, a ‘blueprint for a perpetually sustainable culture and an environmentally responsible city’ / related (really?), Superyacht design on The Streets of Monaco, take a little chunk of the world’s most elitist state and see if it floats (via Autoblog). ‘Located off the lower atrium are seven guest suites, library, communal office, communal balcony and cinema. The upper level of The Atrium leads to the main entertainment area and the owner’s suite comprising the main salon with Havana room and adjoining wine cellar, casino, dining room and dance hall.’


Stopping Off Place, a weblog / a slick Audi heritage site / ‘restored’ is a funny choice of words, but it’s heartening that a space like this could remain hidden away within Peckham Rye station for so long / Exhibit-A-mixed Bag, a tumblr / paper, pages, pavements, a weblog / Critical Futures, a Domus event in London / Architecture Foundation’s Bankside BikeShed competition has been announced.

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  1. genevieve says:

    thanks for the link! that’s awesome.

  2. Joe says:

    This is an informative magazine for antiquarians and persons interested in interior design and Decorative Arts. The articles are well-written and accompanied by good photographs and illustrations. It is a pleasure to read and you will come away from it each time learning something new that is worth remembering.

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