Fleeting satellites

Streets, San Francisco photography by Leigh Merrill (via This Isn’t Happiness) / The Secret Lives of Buildings, a photographic series by Marc Yankus (via Lens Scratch) / Why I bought a Titan II missile silo, a film series / Snoopy in Space / Herve Poulain, the world’s fastest (driving) auctioneer / lablog, ‘architectural voyeurism’ / a spotlight on bespoke bookplates at Bloomfield and Rolfe, rubber stamp specialists / the art of Trevor Paglen, including Nonfunctional Satellites:

‘Developed in collaboration with aerospace engineers, the nonfunctional satellites are space-worthy sculptures designed as small, lightweight satellites that expand to become large, highly reflective structures. Placing one of these objects into low-earth orbit would create a visible “sculpture” in the night sky, visible from the earth below after sunset and before dawn as a bright, slowly moving, flickering star. The sculpture would remain in orbit for several weeks before burning up upon reentry through the atmosphere.’

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