Pop culture design history for the tumblr generation, OMG that Artifact!. Neil McGregor eat your heart out / The murky allure of the Loch Ness monster. Apparently, ‘Christian Fundamentalists Teach US Children Loch Ness Monster Is Real To Disprove Evolution‘. Does anyone have a scan of this textbook? back where it all began / The Big Map Blog is being update more regularly / on the road again. We need to do some updates / Music at Tresanton, a small classical music festival.


The AN/FSQ-7 on TV and in the Movies, a pleasingly dedicated website about the cinematic appearances of the USAF’s AN/FSQ-7 (SAGE) computer systems, eventually decommissioned in 1983: ‘The Q7 was also a special effects dream, with more lights, switches and vacuum tubes than any other piece of hardware, and found its way into many science fiction movies and television programs over the years.’ (via Wired, via Coudal) / step into the world of Downton Abbey via the Country Life Image Library / The Sketchbook Project / Temple of Light, an art weblog / This Date in Design, a designer’s almanac / oldny, an art weblog / installations by Mary A.Valverde / paper sculptures and projects by Peter Callensen.


Scroll bars, a sculpture by Jan Robert Leegte / Domus on architectural publishing / Thundercats action figure guide / Swinton Druid’s Temple, Yorkshire’s answer to Stonehenge / ‘A Brief History of Plastic’s Conquest of the World‘, an extract from Susan Freinkel’s book, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story / Lego Batcave.

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