Flailing, not drowning

The Food Timeline takes you on a historical journey back to the earliest recipes, and before / Taste, a ‘Design Observer Symposium on Food and Visual Culture’ / Various Small Fires has a piece on Adrian Street, a 70s-era wrestler who marks – according to Jeremy Deller – a watershed in post-war British culture (via MeFi) / design interviews at MatandMe / Pathetic Motorways, the lost, forgotten and hidden road infrastructure of the UK / sort of related, Formula One’s Forgotten Circuits.


Postcards from Shenzhen, a fascinating tale of cross-cultural confusion, Biennale politics and insane working conditions / related, Ai Wei Wei’s Ordos 100 Documentary revealed similar issues / also related, skating in Ordos / the pop-up house, a transformable space by TallerDE2 Architects / adulthood and the inevitability of flailing / Our Misplaced Nostalgia for Cassette Tapes. So much of nostaglia is misplaced. It exists as compensation and amplification, a tenuous line to a misremembered past.


The Wizard of Oz, alphabetized / the sketches of Le Corbusier / Lawrence Lee Magnuson’s tumblr is a fast-expanding treasure trove of modern art / why not become a Ghostwriter? / paintings by Dike Blair / Unfeasible Ideals, five short fictions by the architect David Kohn / How to drink in Qatar / Fantastic Maps, a weblog.

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