Fish and foul

Define the Ratio of People to Cake. Turnbull is on a roll / Such Hawks Such Hounds, a documentary film about the ‘music and musicians of the American hard rock underground circa 1970-2007’ / Kind of Screwed, fair use and unfair use and the many ways in which such a thing can be interpreted, as Waxy finds to his cost / Paleofuture, the future that never was.


Flaw Plan, Will Wiles on the difficulty of mapping imaginary spaces. See also the recent PAP book by Kris Harzinski, From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association / related, a map of Rekyavik / Lego architecture / paintings by Boyd Gavin (via Still Life Quick Heart) / A Young Hare, art and architecture weblog.


The slow reveal of the Coelacanths, all about the fish and its ongoing mysteries: ‘For example, during the entire survey period, the team did not record a single subadult, juvenile, or baby coelacanth. They didn’t spot one in the Comoros, and have never spotted one in separate expeditions to study the fish off Indonesia, South Africa or Tanzania.’


When this weblog shifted systems a year or so ago we lost our list of links and have been inputting all the sites again by hand. It’s an ongoing process – apologies to those sites who suddenly found themselves unlinked. Some great sites have shuttered up in the interim, but here’s an extremely incomplete list of a few we’ve recently put back: Polar Inertia; AKA Blog; Print Fetish; Route 79, sadly defunct (but good for the recipes, if nothing else); Raccoon; Rossignol; Rotational; Rock, Paper, Shotgun; repository of records; supercolossal; xBlog. There are many more.

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