Firing blanks

Other things. The subconscious overtones in The Tiger Who Came to Tea /old comics scrutinised and fetishized for their print quality at 4CP (Four colour process) / made on the Isle of Wight, the Enfield 8000 Thunderbolt, a forgotten electric car. See also the Zagato Zele / old images of abandoned Russian space shuttles / My Things (2001 – 2009), a dense photographic project by Hong Hao / art by Elizabeth Harbour / the Blank Tape Gallery / the above image comes from this superb flickr stream.


The Tape Recorder and Synthesizer Ensemble (via MeFi), a self-recorded album (made on largely self constructed equipment) that lay dormant for several decades. See also the great Bedroom Cassette Masters series, now on its fourth volume. BCM began as an archival project, compiling forgotten demo tapes, but subsequently evolved:

I began to be approached by people who wanted to have their music on the compilation but who had not even been alive in the eighties. They were contemporary bedroom musicians, usually with a small collection of vintage analogue instruments and equipment who were committed to producing work using authentic vintage methods. So I had an idea: let them produce their music in-the-style-of lo-fi, cassette-based, bedroom-recorded demos and provide a short biography suggesting they had in fact been produced between 1980-89. They had to carefully date their recordings based on the manufacture dates of the vintage synths they were using to avoid any anachronisms and think of artistic motivation based on age, sex and geography.

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