Finding the path

Which games meddle with life? and When Video Games Get Stuck In Your Head (both via MeFi). The bleed between real and virtual has been fictionalised and exploited for decades, ever since the days of Max Headroom and the fumbling, blocky, texture-map free beginnings of VR. These anecdotes aren’t so much about graphics – although the Tetris block hallucination sees to be widespread – but about gameplay, the interaction between objects and buildings and paths through and over obstacles.


Good girls finish last, an excellent tumblr from Jess Bennett (also of Equality Myth on sex, gender and media stereotypes, such as this quote about the prevalance of ‘flowery sundress, nerdy horn-rims, bicycle basket, put-a-bird-on-it tweeness‘ in modern media. Related, Mindy Kaling on Flick Chicks, ‘A guide to women in the movies.’ (via MeFi).


Simple Village Girl is an evocative ‘lifestyle’ blog, the contemporary equivalent perhaps of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, only with a camera phone and not a water colour set. Such diaries were the original tumblrs, only the image creation wasn’t a matter of click-and-drag curation but actual interaction with paintbrushes and charcoal. We have in our archives the Journals of Mrs Blaine, a prime example of the genre (the above image is here). The individual pages are mostly undated and unlocated (this particular sketchbook was made in Rome in the 1830s, we think), they present a fantastical, stylized visual chronicle.


Postcards to Alphaville, ‘a project dedicated to film characters featured in guest-made illustrations.’ / the Vignelli subway map is revived / street illustrations by Vic Lee / FutureForm make pre-fab buildings – currently craning a capsule hotel into place in south London for CitizenM / Pyramiden, an ‘abandoned Russian settlement and coal mining community on the archipelago of Svalbard, Norway.’ / beleagured car company Saab are threatening to sell off their heritage.


Heather Champ knits Rothko. See also Slow Breaking News, a cross stitch (‘a very slow and archival medium’) version of the day’s big stories by Emily Roose (Coudal) / spammer undone by twitter / rather wonderfully, there is a tumblr just called beyoncegifs / Lips ‘N Stuff, retro chaos / animations and digital ephemera by Jeff Baij / Aisle One, a graphic design blog.


Back in 2007, someone on an Amiga forum asked when did you last use the VCR? The last post reads, ‘I think I last used a VCR sometime in 2006. We still have it underneath the TV, but it’s never in use. Mostly we use the DVD.’ At some point, many people will have ejected a video cassette for the very last time, a small but significant moment they were probably entirely unaware of at the time. Perhaps someone should compile a list of lasts, the final memories of the end times for certain technologies; videos, cassettes, fountain pens, faxes, CDs, the internal combustion engine and on and on and on.

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2 Responses to Finding the path

  1. Heather says:

    Well, I for one still use a fountain pen. In fact, there are three on my desk right now. But we did junk our VCR about seven or eight years ago: all off-air recording is now done on a hard-drive-based machine.

  2. QQ says:

    I’m using my VHS again (VHS Nights®). I’m soooo tired of HD stuff! High Definition doesn’t equal High Quality.

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