Film and unfinished

The perfect thing for accelerated attention spans? Trailers as Movies. ‘Think how much story you could tell in a couple of hours if it was told at [the same pace as a movie trailer], with the audience working hard to piece together so many fragments relayed so quickly, with video and audio overlaid on each other, storylines merely hinted at, flashbacks and flashforwards… You’d need a lie down afterwards, but it would be amazing.’ Someone will no doubt cut one soon.


The excellent Tintinology blog is starting to gear up for the forthcoming Spielberg epic. Aesthetically, the new film feels like it’s in a difficult place right now / Something Changed, a weblog / tumblrs can now be explored. The site seems unusual in the sense that every six months or so it completely overhauls the way that hosted sites can be explored and searched and sifted. They’ve still not got it right, in our opinion / English Waffle, a metal band photography blog by Justina Villanueva / Daft Punk Emulator: make your own.


Passive Obsessive, a tumblr with a strong crossover with the output of the Athena poster company / Gym Class Magazine, contemporary print design and more / Select Magazine scans. See also the excellent Archived Music Press / Vangopot is a machine that makes paintings / lots of beautiful things at Archive Fever / highly recommended: Unfinished London, a documentary by Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler on the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of London transport planning.


All the Buildings in New York (via Kottke). See also Jason Polan’sThe Every Piece Of Art in The Museum Of Modern Art Book‘ / projects by Michael Rakowitz, including ‘The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist‘, ‘an intricate narrative about the artifacts stolen from the National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, in the aftermath of the US invasion of April 2003… The centerpiece of the project is an ongoing series of sculptures that represent an attempt to reconstruct the looted archaeological artifacts.’

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    Thanks for using my poster as the header image. An even bigger thanks for linking through!

  2. great, really cool, thanks for information.

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