Famous mysteries and elusive archives

A selection of Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives. In comparison, London’s digital archives seem to have a long way to go before they can match the quality and quantity of the material now available at the New York City Municipal Archives (870,000 images). The issue is largely funding. Throughout its history, there have been surveys and records of London. The London County Council Photograph Library comprises of around quarter of a million images, for example, whereas the London Metropolitan Archives ‘is the largest local authority record office in the United Kingdom. There are 105KM of archives, modern records, plans, audio-visual and printed material in our strong-rooms – an enormous amount of information about the capital and its people.’ The problem is that these collections are scattered and confused, some digitised, some not, some paywalled, some watermarked, all belonging to different collections and agencies and institutions. The potential is there: Collage, which offers imagery from Guildhall Art Gallery and London Metropolitan Archives, is a start, as is the London Metropolitan Archive. But to have a resource like the one in New York? A pipe dream.


Otherthings. Speaking of archives, John Peel’s Record Collection has a very 2008 feel to it / we love Archived Music Press, but it seems to have shut up shop about 14 months ago / the jesus collection / Graphic Nothing on the art of Jan Pienkowski / Nicology, a tumblr / advertising imagery, film posters, stills and more at Harald Haefker’s photostream, from where the above comes: famous mysteries that baffle us all.

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