Fake it till you make it

A series of concrete installations by David Umemoto / Hybrids in the Air, what next for the Fairey Rotodyne. More at the BBC. The painting was by the late Cavendish Morton, artist, designer, educator and all-round creative mind / illustrations by Del Hambre / prints by Nikki McClure / Everything and Nothing, an exhibition by photographer Benedict Redgrove / the story of New York’s fake Rothkos / Pleasurephoto, a treasure trove of fashion imagery old and new / Masdar City, the first eco ghost town / Espaces Atypiques, modern houses for sale in France / Dial M for Musicology, a weblog / Seattle Volvos, a tumblr / instructional posters from Rob Ricketts / The Long and Short, a magazine of ideas. See learning from Brutalism and the new work economy

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