Exploring new worlds

Armchair architectural photography. Andrea Bosio uses Google Street View to build up a portfolio of images of key pieces of contemporary urbanism: ‘the subject of my shots was the representation of the city supplied by Google Street View on my computer screen. I treated this new pixelated reality as a territory up for exploration and managed to compile a true photographic record of it by selecting different points of observation in this virtual space. I photographed the city without ever actually being there.’ As seen in Domus. Bosio also has a project called Possible Spaces, documenting sections of the city that have, for whatever reason, escaped any kind of formal development, or have yet to be redeveloped from their empty state.


Artist Chris Timms also runs a tumblr called Sensual Objects / The Cat’s Meat Shop, supplementing The Dictionary of Victorian London with daily excerpts from the popular press of the time / The Strange Evolution of Medical Art / Open a bookshop, what could possibly go wrong? A weblog / Contrasts, by Augustus Welby Pugin, 1836 / Scenes from Devil’s Island, twenty-four paintings of life on Devil’s Island by Francis Lagrange.


Artist Reinhard Behrens has created an imaginary world, NABOLAND, into which he has launched numerous expeditions in a modest submarine. More images / apparently the next Lego Architecture model will be Habitat 67 (via Chaz Hutton) / exploring the monumental Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria / Miss USA 2011 delegates are asked whether evolution should be taught in school / buy an Authentic Government Red Tape Paperweight.


More Thneeds. The Nottage Design G1 glass pool table / the Fentress Global Challenge: Airport of the Future competition (via Archinect) / related: We build robot mining factories and send them to the Moon / Our God is Speed publishes a set of Gestapo regulations for playing jazz, circa WWII Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

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