Experimental jetsetting with no stars

Experimental Travel is the art of travelling in new ways, including such sub-genres as Aerotourism (‘in which a tourist visits the local airport and explores it without going anywhere’) and Erotourism (‘in which a couple travels separately to the same city and then tries to find each other’). These sound like a mash-up of early Paul Auster, the photography of Martin Parr and the aesthetic sensibility of JG Ballard.


Toffee Milkshake, an internet scrapbook from developer Tom Pearson / ten new year’s resolutions for architects / a huge archive of imagery at Florida Memory / Loïc Le Pape builds steel guitars / Bond history at The Things I Enjoy: the story of Mr Largo’s Disco Volante / paintings by Rick Jones / Oh, You Diabolical Mastermind, You, a blog devoted to The Avengers / Ghost Stations of the London Underground, via this BBC story on the allure of abandoned Tube stations / A Hike Through Ballardian Territory – Shepperton to Heathrow, by Michael Brooks / the above image via the Vintage Travel Ephemera Group on Flickr.


Music things. From a metal perspective, but still an interesting take. Don’t Listen to Everything: ‘delve more deeply into specifics, even if it means missing the zeitgeist. Fall in love with an album. Learn all the words. Try to play the riffs. Obsess over details. Bands are made up of individual humans, and music, like all forms of art, doubles as a means of communication. Through it, you can connect with the people who made it. I would rather form a handful of close musical friendships in 2014 than make a thousand new acquaintances.’ Meanwhile, Drowned in Sound has a piece on the ‘electricity of influence‘, identifying the percussive, weightless nostalgia that is suddenly so in vogue, as if emerging musicians are preternaturally aware of the sonic characteristics of memory and the richness of simultaneously hearing something for the first time and remembering something else. It’s a topic we’ll return to.


We have an occasional a new venture, The Culture Engine, a repository for four-wheeled imagery of all kinds, genres and eras.

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