Everything is abandoned eventually

The Museum of Everything Else (via Music Radar) / art by Matt Lyon / amazing concrete micro hostel in Beijing / What’s Under the Lincoln Memorial? / The Growth of London Mapped (via Kottke) / 120 years of the Whitechapel Gallery / photography by Øystein Sture Aspelund / Here in the room with Nile Rogers, a sort of virtual interview. If you’ve ever conducted a real interview, this format represents a sort of fevered anxiety dream, with the subject sitting there, eternally passive, tapping his toe and waiting expectantly for a question / why bitcoin is bad for the planet / Bacon-esque art by Kim Byungkwan / paintings by Zhiyong Jing / art by Emily Forgot / Coastal Brutalism, a series at West Country Modern. Sad to have missed the printed version / a portrait of the Bristol Fungarium by photographer Oliver Edwards / this is lovely: Lego Space Shuttle / some music sites: With Guitars / God is in the TV / Spectral Nights / leads and looping and kit at Sonic Circuitry / the Groove Pizza a huge collection of photographs by Henry Fox Talbot / a fine example of the collision of urbex, economic woes, hubris and sheer insanity: Exploring the $200,000,000 Abandoned Disney Castle Village

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