Everybody knows this is nowhere

Friday link round-up. The Reverend Awdry’s Revenge, a fine broadside from Bat, Bean, Beam against the ubiquitous railway stories and their relentlessly marketed toy division:

‘The titular hero of the modern cartoon and toy empire, Thomas, turns out to be an insufferable character with an inflated sense of self and an overriding desire to grow up to become, in the words that he often parrots from his master, ‘a really useful engine’, and therein is encapsulated the bludgeoning moral of conformity and compliance of the whole thing. Add some dodgy imagery surrounding the otherness of the diesel engines, or the thuggish underclass status of the goods wagons, not to mention the fact that the only females in the original set of stories are carriages who can aspire at best to be pulled, and the discomfitingly retrograde picture will be complete.’


Classic Campervans, pre 1995 only / an analysis of the crunch and whistle of the classic dial-up modem sound. Ah, the lost sonic landscape of early computing / ‘A pole of inaccessibility marks a location that is the most challenging to reach owing to its remoteness from geographical features that could provide access.’ The above image is a map of distance to the nearest coastline / Torben Bernhard has a slick tumblr, including an image of the Minister’s Tree House, which seems to dodge legal bullets by insisting that everyone who visits is a trespasser / attend the Monocle Country Fayre this weekend and indulge in terrifyingly tasteful variants of traditional fairground activities.


The Dabbler looks at the ‘grotesque and beautiful’ Convair B-58 Hustler as part of its compelling machinery series. The B-58 incorporated voice warning messages, then very ahead of its time, and was so fuel hungry that ‘the entire interior of the wing, and most of the interior of the fuselage, [was] filled with fuel’. From Aviation History: ‘The pod or pods carried beneath the aircraft are also largely filled with fuel. The single 57-foot-long MB pod contains mostly fuel. The 54-foot-long lower element of the two-part TC pod, designed to be dropped before run-in to the target, is filled entirely with fuel, while the 35-foot-long upper pod contains at least 2,450 Ib. of fuel as well as a warhead’.


Hand-stitched by Peter Crawley, a Wallpaper* exhibition / Lost Architecture, a tumblr / Vast, Grand and Monumental, a tumblr / Ten Bets You’ll Never Lose. Guard yourself against the pub gambler / the tagline of Vintage Seekers is ‘curating a heritage lifestyle’, the first usage of that phrase we’ve encountered. Does anyone self-consciously describe themselves as living a ‘heritage lifestyle’? / chord analysis / illustrations by Lucy Cheung / Lucy World, a tumblr / Lego Inception, seen everywhere / The escapement, a tumblr / extreme locations on earth / ‘room portraits‘ by photographer Menno Aden. If we all lived in Atic Atac.

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