Everybody here wanted something more

A proper Barbapapa House (via Wowhaus). The French did this bubble architecture more efficiently and copiously than almost anyone else – Pierre Cardin’s classic ‘Bubble House‘ being a case in point / there is an Irish ferry based on Ulysses / at what point does whimsy become toxic? Ian Martin on London, a barbed and savage look back from a not-improbable future. Most modern architecture? Save it for the renders. Related, walking along the quasi-privatised River Thames. Also related: Cities Don’t Love Us. The psychology, ethics and economics of gentrification, and the benefits of just getting the hell out instead.


Other thing. Some new music: Seas, Starry / Space Yacob and the Giant Yeti / Charivari! / The Time People soundtrack / worth having a poke around the hauntology tag on Bandcamp / Rookie Magazine, on writing and other things / Back to the USSR, old Soviet ephemera / Step on no pets: The Palindrome Game of the Enigma Codebreakers (via MeFi Projects) / Voices of East Anglia, a retro-themed weblog we’ve flagged up before / beautiful animated illustration by Rafael Varona: Impossible Bottles / house-keeping: test for Superfish. Our most recent machine came pre-installed with this nasty piece of Malware. Our advice? Don’t buy Lenovo. More.

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