Especially the Crinkly Bits

A solid chunk of things / Lists of Note is a new book from the man who brought you Letters of Note (the book of the ongoing and highly recommended website) / Van Life, custom campers / inappropriate design re-appropriation / someone else’s flickr slice-of-life: A.Galassi. Evocative / Save the Gerund and Screw the Whale, a tumblr / James Russell’s website is a rich treasure trove of mid-century modern design, art and illustration / illustrator Niall Grant / a plethora of plotter videos / 20 questions at The Proust / favourite for the next five minutes, a tumblr for the easily distracted / Basement Fever, a music blog / the return of Slowdive / Valentines-esque guitar noises by Black Seas / desktop Magrathea: make planets with Outerra.

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