Entropy online

A question seeking recommendations of examples of Post-post-collapse fiction, from where we get to Stand Still, Stay Silent, a webcomic about a Scandinavian future. We can’t vouch for the accuracy of the language tree, but it’s a beautiful image. At times the modern internet resembles a post-collapse society, with the little tributaries of originality and individuality swept away by the monolithic platforms and their relentless amplification of nothing. And there are just so many abandoned sites out there, even ignoring the husks of ideas and ideals that make up the empty tenements of Geocities or MySpace, but personal blogs that were lovingly tended and curated, yet still ultimately fell into disrepair.

Digital entropy is very real – our own ‘blogroll’ is home to many an abandoned project – but coming across a dead blog is like stumbling on the Marie Celeste. A tiny sampling: Sea Songs; Third Class on a One-Class Train; nuits sans nuit et quelques jours sans jour; This Recording; (what is this?); broken biro; i flips me lid; Continuo. It’s pointless to speculate where everyone went. Some sites, like Bad British Architecture, fell victim to their creators’ more lucrative side projects (despite the near endless of material), while others just ebbed away as time and interest waned. People are increasingly aware of the potentially damaging role of past social media, but the abandoned blog is a much more nuanced memory from the past. A couple of other things. Not 2 Grand, a website about buying cheap cars / GCHQ and the codes of Frank Sidebottom / alternate timeline McDonalds, c1973 (via Coudal).

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