Enter 2011

Happy new year. As is customary at this time, we’ve not really had the opportunity to compose anything of great substance, so here is a selection of interesting things and links noted and squirrelled away over the past fortnight. First up is this isolated tracks of Holiday in Cambodia at Dangerous Minds. This is literal deconstruction, something familiar stripped back to its bare essentials. We also liked DM’s ‘Vintage footage of London Anarchist group‘ / ArchHistory, commission the kind of architectural drawing your imaginary architecture should have created in the first place / art and sound by Mr Clement.


What, exactly, is there out in Lego-land for 35 year olds? (answer: a lot) / Epigrammatic, a journalism focused weblog / in praise of the long edit, with epic selection of links to watch / time to re-visit Vanishing Point, a website about sewers and other underground infrastructure / when things are very hard they are Nintendo Hard / utterly epic and much-linked post about Douglas Adams’ ‘lost’ game ‘Starship Titanic. As thorough and fascinating as you could possibly wish for.


In Search of the Click Track, Music Machinery on plotting hidden mechanical help for drummers. More / very much our kind of site: Retronaut (via me-fi) / The Droplift Project, a form of reverse shoplifting; droplift sneak their music CDs into shops for unsuspecting consumers to stumble on. A fine idea, but one that appears to have stalled. At one point we considered this as a way of distributing things / A Ghost Story for Christmas, me-fi on MR James and more.


Many, many links culled from here and there, with apologies for lack of direct cites (but the usual suspects can be relied upon, e.g. kottke, BLD BLOG and me-fi to name just three): ElectroSpark, a flickr trove of vintage treasure / Sleepycity’s images of the Paris Metro, urbex underground / sort of related: Urban Ghosts Media, a (suspiciously?) slick aggregator of urban exploration sites, modern ruins and general post-industrial landscapes. Part of the ‘me and my spoon-isation’ of online curation culture / a Lego printer / Thrilling Wonder Stories needs to be examined in more detail. Essentially, the event (now in its second year) looks at how speculation, sci-fi and futures past informs the built environment.


The Onion AV Club looks at the American version of NOW That’s What I Call Music, which appears to date back to 1998. Here in the UK, the series is up to number 77, with the very first (double cassette) NOW! began in 1983. Check the Wikipedia page for more trivia about the series, and the surprising survival of the curated compilation in a post-mix-tape era.


Risky Lengths, a tumblr (thanks for the cite) / Distinctive Signs, a tumblr / deleted for privacy, a tumblr with lots of music videos / images of Berlin’s Unite, the Corbusierhaus, at Archdaily / Recreating the legendary Commodore 64 / duly footnoted, a tumblr / titular humour, a tumblr / Things of Interest / Listing Ships, a tumblr / fractured/connections, a tumblr / tmbl2self (from No.2 Self) / Less Adjectives More Verbs / Or Mounted on Strange Beasts / The Thought Experiment.


Finally, welcome to Guardian readers – being chosen as an internet pick of the week is a fine way to begin 2011.

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  1. Hi Things Magazine, thanks for giving a shout-out to my blog Urban Ghosts Media in the 4th paragraph, I really appreciate it! However, just wondered what you meant by “suspiciously?”, as in:

    “a (suspiciously?) slick aggregator of urban exploration sites, modern ruins and general post-industrial landscapes.”

    Let me know and maybe I can help :)



  2. lindsay says:

    Hi Things Magazine—I just wanted to thank you all for the mention of my tumblr fractured/connections, i really appreciate it!

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