Engineering for Teenagers

The tweak is the thing. Teenage Engineering, makers of the extremely seductive OP-1, which takes the aesthetics of Casio’s VL-1 from 1979 and the likes of Roland’s TB-303 and infuses it with modern electronics to make a compact, pricey and highly desirable piece of music making kit (as heard on compilations like Rumble When Bumble). TE also make the Oplab, a takeaway tray of sonic electronics to facilitate even more esoteric sonic extremes. This is the synthesis (if you’ll pardon the use of the word) of modern Ive-aesthetics with retro design and the wire’n’solder aesthetic of the circuit bending scene.


Other music things. A selection of samples from the Casio SK5. Some more information about the Casio SK-1 sampling keyboards. Musical toys of all types at (including the exquisite Tomy Voice Corder, which allowed you to cut your own records) / there are plenty of online emulators, including Patchwork, which is impenetrable to the uninitiated (via MeFi) and Audiotool, created by Andre Michelle. Check Synthtopia and Synthmania for history, (the latter will educate you with the origins of famous sounds). Below, images from Black, Red and Permanent, ‘Fifty ripped off CDs made between 2003 & 2006’.

Update: Program Your 808, a series of four information posters by Rob Ricketts, via b3ta.

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