Enduring problems

Random things and thoughts, forgive crashing changes in tone / starting with a fine piece about Eileen Gray’s E.1027 house in Menton. Some more and necessary information about Gray’s life and work: “”E” for “Eileen”, 10 for the letter “J”, 2 for “B” and 7 for “G” – “Eileen Jean Badovici Gray”.” / related, Room at the Top? Sexism and the star system in architecture, originally written by Denise Scott Brown all the way back in 1975: “The star system, which sees the firm as a pyramid with a designer on top, has little to do with today’s complex relations in architecture and construction. But, as sexism defines me as a scribe, typist, and photographer to my husband, so the star system defines our associates as “second bananas” and our staff as pencils.” / other, more flippant, things: creating a four-seater Delorean / the vanishing Hergé murals / photocopying Putin / zoom game, fractal fun (via b3ta, which also linked 14 ways our ancient ancestors attempted to explain what the internet was) / Changing size analogies and the trends of everyday things / the story behind Jon Carmichael’s photograph of the August 2017 total solar eclipse / a collection of weird family customs / Don’t Problem, a band / Cinta Vidal, a painter.

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