Endurance Publishing and instant media

Endurance Publishing, the polar opposite to the slow movement in all its cultural manifestations. Are things more immediate and meaningful when they happen fast – be it a magazine, a novel, a script or an album (the February Album Writing Month, Hometaping, hello and the RPM Challenge, to name but three)? Or is a lengthy gestation essential to creative quality?

Endurance publishing is first and foremost a remarkable experience for its participants – it’s a genuine test of editing and design reflexes. The ideas that will run are by necessity the first or second ones you have, as you don’t have time to consider others. Even the worst of these magazines are feats of teamwork and sleeplessness, adrenalin and coffee, ingenuity and adversity. A few of them, such as Longshot and Twenty-Four, have developed into ongoing projects, a measure of how addictive these experiments can be to their participants.


Other things, including a tumblr round-up. Our own tumblr is rather stagnant at the moment but that hasn’t stopped the number of followers from increasingly steadily day in, day out / Ben Adrian makes guitar pedals / Nomadicity, a rich tapestry of all things architectural and scenographic. So dense in fact that it’s hard to digest quite what’s being presented / A Void Building, more architecture with a focus on the abstract qualities of drawings, buildings and proposals / design, art, illustration and music at Endlessly / music and imagery from Simotron / the work of Laurence and Angela St Leger, ‘miniaturists and creators of hand-crafted ingenious mechanisms of an astounding and diverting nature on a minute scale’. See also the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

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