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End of week link selection. Cities, a series by Atelier Olschinsky presented at Magical Urbanism / Cheese, a tumblr (sketchbooks and scrapbooks, not actual cheese) / quirkily perverse contemporary taxidermy by This Must Be Designed By Idiots. See also the work of Kelly McCallum (via dezeen) / pixellated paintings by Sami Lukkarinen / The Electric Typewriter, a tumblr aggregating long form journalism.


The Allen Aerial Photograph collection at the Ashmolean Museum. ‘Major George Allen (1891-1940) was one of the first people in Oxfordshire to own an aeroplane – a De Haviland Puss Moth, named ‘Maid of the Mist‘. He flew extensively across Southern Engand, and other areas, taking aerial photographs from 1933 until 1939.’ Above image simply titled ‘Clouds‘, undated / related, De Havilland aircraft in Flight Simulator.


The complete archive of Synapse Magazine, a 1970s publication about the nascent electronic music scene (via MeFi. Related, Which artists had an uncharacteristic attempt at synthpop/electronica in the 70s/80s? From Steve Hillage and Friends (March/April 1977): ‘I would like to see synthesisers reduced to chips the size of a matchbox where you wouldn’t need any leads; just pure radio. Everything would be controlled by little pocket calculators with computer auto-patch.’ / how did the apple become the symbol of the painting a day genre? I, II, III, IV, etc.

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