End of week collection of things

A big Friday link round-up. Deck the halls in a Slayer Christmas Jumper / incredible miniature military dioramas at Brigida Tripeira / Quick Streetview, instant access to the world’s front doors (via MeFi / are you growing tired of my love? / The Brothers Brick, a Lego blog / paintings by David Waterson / a fine MeFi post about Britain’s last typewriter. See also an illustrated guide and a debt of thanks at the Guardian / a collection of clapper boards, amongst other effects for sale at the Nordic auction house Bukowskis.


A collection of 3D maps of London Underground/DLR stations / worker bees spill miserable corporate secrets / architectural zoetropes: I, II, III. By students at the Bartlett’s Unit 22 / WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ decoders. The picture is especially poignant / vintage fish tanks / How to Draw a Tree, with wonderful small scale sketches and paintings / the impact of Hurricaine Sandy / the weblog of the National Railway Museum / a collection of paintings and prints by Winslow Homer / suburbs in the sky, a quirky apartment building by Edouard Francois.


That Last Landscape, a weblog about ‘Art, maps, models, underground buildings and hidden landscapes’, hosted by artist Matthew Miller, whose work includes Ponderosa, a video showing ‘the developing landscape of the American west as I imagine it, a kind of prequel to the map illustrated in the title sequence of Bonanza (1959-1973)’ / a gallery of the New York Aquarium, 1896-1841 / extracts from the collections of the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum / Pruned on Giovanni Bologna’s Appennino pavilion at the Villa Medici at Pratolino.


Wildfire Worlds, a beautifully stylised computer environment for a game about simulated civil unrest / Jon Stick Likes, art and design tumblr / Of Time and the City, a film about Liverpool / World’s Tallest Building will be complete in 90 days, says Chinese building company. Meanwhile, Architecture in China [is] big, bold and shoddy, says the NYT / a collection of stories about early online connections / what are some influential manifestos? / Art world goes Gangnam Style mad in solidarity with Ai Weiwei / I am a shapeshifter, a tumblr / strange pots by Hawktrainer / Did the Lomo camera save film photography? / Man Made Moon at Strange Harvest:

This is a proposal to turn the dome of St Paul’s dome into a man made moon. Wren’s building is transformed into a selenosphere, a hemispherical map of the moon synced through its lighting with the phases of the moon. The cathedrals dome and the moon would hover over London as though it were a city on a planet with two moons. St Paul’s becomes a secular device linking our earthly concerns with the heavenly realm.

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  1. OK, just in case you haven’t noticed here are two things that have now joined the “Been Done to Death” list: Legos. Takeoffs on maps of the underground. Please avoid this Inet cliches in the future. Thanking you in advance.

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