Empty spaces

Photo essay: The Edge of Light: Wendover, exploring ‘the interstitial, unoccupied spaces at the edges of the interstate, among the ruins of the military base, and between the nightlife zones and the casino workers’ tract housing. We set out to document the ambient light emitting from commercial, municipal and residential light sources in an attempt to find a mythical “edge of light“ in the high desert’. At Places, which also has an elegaic story about post-industrial landscape, This Is Flint, Michigan, ‘Flint is efficient. Scavengers and scrappers watch for opportunity. Aluminum siding is stripped and resold into the formal recycling economy. Aluminum windows, hot water heaters and furnaces are taken, sometimes in daylight, no problem. Copper pipes too, and new electrical wiring.’ See also Ted Jankowski’s Old Pictures of Flint.’ Current Delphi… soon to be empty space.


St Pancras Chambers before (largely successful) hotelisation / Office Hours, a voyeuristic exploration of ‘working from home’ / the inherent brick wall of new media marketing: user collaboration. ‘Why will they want to participate?’. Expect bribery for user involvement? / Translogic is a new AOL weblog aiming to drain the intersection of the Venn diagram for ‘cars’ and ‘technology’. Nostalgia, too: The last automotive OEM cassette deck ever produced will make its way into a 2010 Lexus SC 430. / Switched, a tumblr.


Embedded Messages, Camberwell Illustration on the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and the Museum of Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind in Berlin, both rich with objects of embedded memory / Modernism in Metro-Land, a fine photographic survey of the short-lived flowering of post-Deco, proto-Modern architecture in London’s outer suburbs / vaguely related, Bollards of London, a quasi tongue-in-cheek urban travelogue exploring these deliberately obstructive pieces of street furniture. ‘Bollards have a history richer than most objects placed upon the pavement and we can easily find some dating back to the earlier part of the 19th Century’. The 90s and beyond has surely been the heyday of the bollard, a golden era of no-through roads and vehicular defence solutions. Don’t mess with the bollard.


Another vote for Isabella Rosselini’s self-consciously quirky but utterly charming short films, Green Porno and Seduce Me / noted before, -3.00 -2.75, a tumblr / paintings by Erik Olson at The File. Artist’s site / Bainbridge.me/log, design weblog / the Literary Kitchen opens soon / Bruno Giliberto, a weblog / the Ministry of Type on the work of Ralph Beyer at Coventry Cathedral / The Kingston Lounge, yet more UE (via MeFi).


16 gallows ballads from Victorian London (via MeFi Projects), part of Planet Slade’s Murder Ballads section. See also Secret London / a-hm-e, a tumblr / Mika Savela, an architectural tumblr / Typesetting and paste-up, 1970 style (via MagCulture). We had planned a portmanteau of similar photo-essays of ‘people doing things in the past’ but our Google skills failed us / Edition Patrick Frey now has a tumblr-esque image-drenched website that suits its published output (some images nsfw).

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