Elementary, but imaginary

The weekend link selection. A review of Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness (via Mountain 7) / after the recent post about the ‘hotel of doom‘, here’s some more images of North Korea / Paroneiria, a weblog / the brick and mortar legacy of a fast-vanishing technology: abandoned video stores at Flavorwire / The Flooded Church of St Nicholas Submerged in Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia, at Urban Ghosts Media / a quirky but endearing Japanese interior at The Selby – the home of Hideto Irikawa, consultant and sports car aficionado.


The Kid Should See This, a site we must check more often / Mapping London, a site we weren’t previously aware of but will re-visit regularly / exploring the byways of the Isle of Wight at JSBlog, a walk that traverses a stretch of road cut off by a 1928 landslip on the Undercliff. Amazingly, there’s an actual photograph of the landslip taking place: the great cliff fall, 26 July, 1928, at the postcard collection at Back of the Wight.


Three photographers visit Chonqing, China, a photo essay at It’s Not a Cabaret / buy affordable art photography at Photo Democracy, a new website / urban landscapes by painter Anna Schmidt / the Alvar Aalto Aapp / instant abstraction with Triade, a new app from the folk behind Kosmograd / Madam Bottwright’s Bureau by Mike Kann and Tim Burrell-Saward, at Mocoloco: ‘a restored reproduction Victorian bureau embedded with LEDs, potentiometers, rotary encoders and piezo transducers to playfully help tell the story of its owner, a Victorian-era madam’.


The 9 circles of hell from Dante’s Inferno recreated in Lego, at Monoscope / Life without Buildings on the Mystery of 221B Baker Street, ‘Architecture, Fiction, and The Replicating Flat of Sherlock Holmes’. ‘To recap: a fictional flat in a real city has been made a reality at a fictional address in the real city near the real address of the fictional flat.’ Read on, or visit Russ Stutler’s celebrated 221B Baker Street illustration.

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