Echo Chambers

A short guide to Broadcast, retrofuturist pop & hauntological pop. See also this earlier collection of music loosely grouped as Folk Horror. There are endearing fictional diversions in the genre, such as Hereford Wakes, ‘a five-part ITV children’s drama originally transmitted over the summer of 1972 and produced by Harlech Television based in Wales.’ Shades of Scarfolk Council, blended with the harsh edge aesthetic of 70s and 80s public information films. Retrofuturism is awash with re-imagined pasts – it’s the whole synthwave aesthetic. This collection of Synth Soundtracks For Films That Don’t Exist includes Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury’s Drokk, an alternative album of themes for the Judge Dredd film of their imagination. It led of course to scores for Ex Machina and Annihilation, amongst others. Barrow’s Invada Records has an impressive catalogue of contemporary film music, from A Field in England to Mandy and Stranger Things. The duo are also doing the music to the new Amazon drama Hanna. Finally, some true natural ambience: Field Recordings from Teufelsberg Listening Station, Berlin, Germany.

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