“E pulvere lux et vis”

From a review of Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth, a new book by Lee Jackson: ‘So appalled was Lady Harberton at the filth that she itemised the ejecta recovered from the train of a woman’s dress after a short stroll along Piccadilly: “2 cigar ends; 9 cigarette ditto; a portion of pork pie; 4 toothpicks; 2 hairpins; 1 stem of a clay pipe; 3 fragments of orange peel; 1 slice of cat’s meat; half a sole of a boot; 1 plug of tobacco (chewed); straw, mud, scraps of paper, and miscellaneous street refuse, ad.lib.”’ (the quote at the top of the page means ‘From dust, light and power’).


Other things. A big chunky hi-res time lapse of Earth to inspire you in the new year / that didn’t take long: The Notch Mansion rendered in Minecraft / a collection of the most pointless ‘lifehacks’, from the Stupid Hackathon / from a while back, The Greatest Camo Story Ever Told, Greg on the (sadly) largely imaginary exploits of Jasper Maskelyne and The Magic Gang in WWII / the fabulous Pillbox Study Group, charting the UK’s wartime defensive network / The Implicit Order, found audio repurposed, represented and sliced up / psychedelic indie rock from Pakistan, Janoobi Khargosh / tumblrs: 111-medea-111 / ghosts in the TV / Sumner’s Journey / archivoltage / modernist estates / the Evolution of the Sunbeam T-20, one of the most iconic toasters of all time. Happy new year.

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