Dumbstruck and Tumbling

Tumblr round-up. Picking and choosing nice ones is getting harder; tumblr is turning into a new version of Geocities, only all of those involved aren’t merely diarists, they’re now graphic designers or art directors or curators or social media engineers, with instant access to a constantly expanding global picture library. Some links: Iftikhar, sunny, breezy style and design / Mika Savela, art, design and happenings in Finland / jewellery design by Craig Macauley / Appuyez sur le bouton, black and white street photography by Michael Sauvage / SheBlochs, design snippets in the modern tradition / see also Killing the Mood / Eviscerate, Young Captain collates art scraps and collage and photography / gusmantel (Gus Mantel?) takes bleak but beautiful photographs (original content, we think) / Titled presents high quality creative work / likewise does jomc.links / intricate art and illustration by kaos / hi, my name is ali withers.


One month to go until the World Stone Skimming Championships, which will take place on the slate-covered Easdale Island in the Inner Hebrides / The Tomorrow Project, Intel’s attempt to scrape the most utopian ideas out of contemporary sci-fi writing (via BBC News) / all about the hardy Tardigrade / photography by Antonio Ottomanelli / photographs by Andreana Scanderberg and Alexander Sauer / Andrés Duany’s Asian Problem, New Urbanist mouths off about density and architecture in the East / Inside the Oxford Street HMV Store in the Sixties (via haddock). The site today.


Images of the Odeon in Peckham, in its prime, in ruins and demolished. A short history / related, London Construction up to the year 2000 / the Women’s Liberation Music Archive, ‘Feminist Music-Making in the UK and Ireland, 1970-1990’ / At the bottom of handbags and the back of drawers, Daniel Miller on two new(ish) books about objects: Christena Nippert-Eng’s Islands of Privacy and Steven Connor’s Paraphernalia: The Curious Lives of Magical Things / related: Inside your drawers, my desk drawer and kitchen drawers.


Does your zipper say YKK? It stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha / Pictures of Ryde, Binstead, Seaview, Bembridge, St.Helens, Wootton and Ryde Coast / Obscure Design Typologies: Show Jumps. Collected by Strange Harvest / English Heritage’s Photostream / the Vintage Ad Browser / Lego now do a model of the Unimog U400 / related, Unimog U1300L into Expedition Campervan / 29 Letters, Arabic Type Design and Typography / large scale drawings by Simon Read (see above). He has an upcoming show at Eleven Spitalfields / photographs by Kevin Shanklin.


Steven Connor is also the author of Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of Ventriloquism, and his site contains the Dumbstruck Archive, containing ‘texts and images relating to the history of ventriloquism’, tracing its path through associations with witchcraft and trickery and onto the stage. From J.G. Millingen on Ventriloquism (1839):

In the sixteenth century Borden [sic] relates the story of a valet of Francis I., named Brabant, who thus persuaded the mother of a young girl he courted to grant her consent to their marriage as speedily as possible, if she wished her husband’s soul to get out of the torments of purgatory: after marriage, however, he was disappointed in his pecuniary expectations, and he applied his powers of ventriloquism to terrify a rich banker of Lyons, of the name of Corner, to bestow a rich fortune upon his wife; for which purpose he assumed the voice of Corner’s father, who supplicated him to give the money as the only means of sending his poor consuming soul to paradise.

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