Ducks and rakes

Google Image Search Results, a tumblr by Rob Walker. See ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Googled Reproduction for background information, as well as this recent post. Picasa’s face recognition has been around for a couple of years and is capable of making impressive cross-generational family links, seeking out genetic relationships that might not otherwise be obvious (we wonder – has the software ever been responsible for uncovering a love-child or other nefarious family business?).


The Joys of Walking the Streets, resources for the modern-day flaneur / see also Discovering London / the Birds of Bankside / ‘Civic Works’, photography by Dan Dubowitz / we can’t wait for Herbieland‘: ‘“Imagine if you could pay for a lap in the Autodrome in Lindsay Lohan’s car,” said [architect Graham Henderson]. “It is better than Ferrari World.”’ / the Fairlight iOS app / Last Cold War-era B53 nuclear bomb dismantled in Texas. According to wikipedia, the development TX-53 warhead was apparently never tested. It’s immediate predecessor was tested during Operation Hardtack (‘Hardtack Oak’).


The Canard Digérateur, or Digesting Duck, an automata created by Jacques de Vaucanson: ‘The Duck was powered by a weight wrapped around a lower cylinder, which drove a larger cylinder above it. Cams in the upper cylinder activated a frame of about thirty levers. These were connected with different parts of the Duck’s skeletal system to determine its repertoire of movements, which included drinking, playing “in the Water with his Bill, and mak[ing] a gurgling Noise like a real living Duck”… as well as rising up on its feet, lying down, stretching and bending its neck, and moving its wings, tail, and even its larger feathers.’ From The Defecating Duck, or, the Ambiguous Origins of Artificial Life, by Jessica Riskin.

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